Monday, July 27, 2015

An Old Friend and Memories of a Great Farm Stand - Cervenka Farm

I am proud to announce that ABC Healthy is being sold at Cervenka Farm Stand in Flemington, NJ.  I have many memories as a kid going to this farm stand and seeing all of the fresh and healthy food.  If my mom would say, "I am going to Cervenka Farms. Do you want to come along for a ride?" my immediate reaction would be, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"  Of course there was one other little detail.  My friend Bridgette might be there.  It is her family's farm.

Bringing your kids to buy local produce is very important.  It helps make a connection between understanding the difference of what is real food and what is packaged processed food.  Take your kids over to Cervenka Farm Stand for some fresh produce and pick up a copy of ABC Healthy!  

Here is a link to Cervenka Farm Stand.

And here is one to my ABC Healthy Page to find out where you can get a book near you.

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