Thursday, February 18, 2016

There is Nothing Like a Bookstore

Last Friday's story time was a reminder to me that there is nothing quite like a good old bookstore experience.  As I anxiously waited for story time patrons to arrive the calm yet creative ambiance of the good old fashion Explore Booksellers bookstore filled the air. I was surrounded by hand made cards, neat gifts, and of course rooms filled with literature waiting for someone to take off the shelf.

When you open a new book there is a cracking sound from the fresh print.  Then when you purchase the book and head on your way you day dream of where you will first sit to read your new book.  Or maybe the book was a gift and you have a vision of the person (or child) reading the book in a special place.

As I signed copies of ABC Healthy I thought of who I was dedicating the book to and on my way home I replayed the faces of the people I talked to daydreaming about parents and grandparents reading with children.  It really is amazing to watch up close how people react to my book.

There needs to be more bookstores like Explore Booksellers.  If you are lucky enough to have a real bookstore in your town and haven't been in a while, I suggest you take a stroll through and pick up a fresh new book.  Listen to the crackle of the pages.  Ask for a recommendation for a good read and get face to face contact with a real person.  You will leave feeling refreshed and day dreaming of where you will read your new book.  Start the day dreaming now...


Photo Credit: Susan Allen