Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Layout Process and Self-Publishing Decisions

ABC Healthy is near complete.  I have been using a large format scanner to scan my paintings, then I adjust the resolution to 300 dpi in Photoshop which will give them the best resolution for printing.  I then use Photoshop to cut out around the image and place onto a transparent background.  This will make sure there are not any white differences from the scanned paper and the books pages when printing.  A transparent background also allows my text to come close to the image. After my images are ready I put them in Adobe's InDesign.  InDesign is a great program.  If there is anything that I do not know how to do I watch tutorials online.  I have just about the whole book done, but I question some of my text.  I will keep rereading until I am ready to have several people edit by book and check for spelling or anything that does not flow.

My next step it to decide how I would like to go about self-publishing.  My two printing options are to order about 1,000 books or to use a POD (print on demand) service.  POD sounds great at first, because there are little to no printing costs.  When reading reviews on POD services I become concerned about the quality of a POD print job.  I definitely do not want my book to lack quality.  I am the type of artist who likes all her brushes in a row.