Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A New Year and New Journeys

ABC Healthy may have been published in 2015, but I am still continuing my writing and illustrating journey in 2016.  The great thing about creating a children's book is that there are always more children out there to inspire every day.  Also, healthy living books for children can be read over and over again to teach our children it is important to live healthy lives.  

This years journey for me will be a bit more busy.  I now have baby number three keeping me on my toes.  Literally on my toes.  My Fit Bit watch tells me on most days that I reach 10,000 steps before noon! I am still doing public events for ABC Healthy. (check those out here) I am also working on putting together a book dummy for my next book Dolphins Don't Eat Donuts.

What is a book dummy?   It is a physical sample of an idea one has for a book with at least two finished pieces of artwork and the rest sketches, along with text.  I am doing this to send my work to a traditional publisher.  I have enjoyed self publishing and I still may choose to self publish again, but I have to give the traditional route a try.

So on my blog here you will keep hearing about ABC Healthy, but you will also come along on my Dolphins Don't Eat Donuts and traditional publishing journeys.

Happy reading and healthy eating to all for 2016!